Gatling temporary Led work light for construction lighting
Portable led work light High lumen 4000LM,large power 48W Rechargeable lithium battery, 7800mAh long-lasting battery life Portable led work light Variety of lighting methods to meet various needs Variety of installation methods to meet various installation needs
Wattage: 48W
Colour Temperature: Warm, Daylight, Natural
Base: /
Operating Temp: -10°C to 40°C
Beam Angle: 360°
Lumens per Watt: Mode 1 : 4000lm Mode 2 : 2000lm Mode 3 : 800lm
IP Rating: IP54
LIFE: 50,000 Hours
Application: Outdoor, Warehouse, Site work, Temporary construction work

Gatling temporary Led work light for construction lighting

1.Four style light modes

Gatling is a multiple portable light with four style light modes for different application.

1.1 360° mode: all the front and rear lights are on;

1.2 180° mode: the front half of the lights are on;

1.3 Spotlight: It can be take it by hand when you are walking at night

1.4 Warning light: It can be used for road rescue or for help

2.Built-in 18650 battery pack

The battery pack has a built-in battery IC chip management system, which can manage overcharge protection, 

over-discharge protection, discharge over-current protection, charging over-current protection, short circuit 

protection, over-temperature protection at charging and discharging points to protect personal safety during 

the use of lithium batteries.


3.Detachable power cord

The power cord is detachable. There is a charging port on the fixture, which can unplug the power cord when 

using the built-in battery. It is more convenient for mobile use. And there is also a USB power output port on 

the fixture, you can charge mobile electronic products.


4.Knob switch function

The left knob mainly controls the light mode like 360°/180°/spotlight/warnlight mode, the right knob mainly 

controls the product switch and brightness, and the power capacity can be checked in the middle of the knobs.

5.Different usages

Portable with your hands, hanging with hook, hanging with eyebolt, tripod stand for options. 


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