Transformer UFO LED High Bay
150 lm/w ultra-high efficiency delivers superior performance over traditional HID. Dark sky angle adjustable, CE/UL/CUL/DLC 5.1, up to 80% energy saving.
Wattage: 50W 70W 100W
Colour Temperature: Warm, Daylight, Natural(2700K – 6000K)
Base: E26 E27 E39 E40
Operating Temp: -30°C - 45°C
Beam Angle: 360°
Lumens per Watt: 150Lm/W
IP Rating: IP64
LIFE: 50,000 Hours
Application: post top ,acorn,cobra head,shoe box,canopy,wall pack,flood light,Garage light.

Transformer UFO LED High Bay-50W 70W 100W

·Cost effective solution for highbay and lowbay applications, replacing up to 400W HID fixtures

· 150 lm/w ultra-high efficiency delivers superior performance over traditional HID
· Lasts 3x longer than metal halide or HPS
· Ballast bypass, connects to line voltage
· Up to 80% energy saving
· Solid state, no fans or moving parts
· 7% upper light for better lighting performance
· 5 years warranty

·U.S, China, Europe patented design

· Reddot award

· suitable for totally enclosed fixture


· 350 rotatable E base

· Dark sky angle adjustable

· Filed-adjustable design: Suitable for shoebox, post top, high bay fixtures

· Intelligent interface for plug and play sensors like MW sensor, PIR sensor, WIFI sensor etc

· 4 protections for led driver solution(Varistor/ lamp body/Power supply overheating, over-voltage protection)